Orchestrating Secured and authenicated access to data and applications | Identity Management

Identity Management

Identity Management ensures that only authenticated users are granted access to relevant applications, systems or IT environments. This involves identification, authentication and authorization of end-users in order to provide profile-based access to business applications, data and systems.

Our experience of understanding and implementing Identity Management solutions from leading OEMs such as VMware and Citrix, enables you to provide your end-users with secured uninterrupted access to data and applications across locations.

Identity Management is ideal when:

  • You want to provide function-/department- /group- wise access to data and applications.
  • You wish to limit unnecessary access to all end-users to minimize costs and improve productivity.

Identity Management deployments:

  • Enable secure access to end-users from anywhere, at any time and on any device.
  • Improve employee productivity especially in the case of new employee onboarding, or during inter-departmental switches.
  • Are mostly 100% software-defined, with no dependency on patented hardware.

Customer Impact:

One of India’s leading insurance companies wanted to enable a seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for its 10,000+ end-user spread across the country for its legacy core applications, web applications, Horizon VDI, mobile applications, and self-service app store on any device (iPAD, Tab, Chrome Book, Mobile devices, Laptop, etc.). It was looking for a technology partner who could simplify business mobility by integrating the existing identity provider (IDP) to aggregate SaaS, native mobile and Windows 10 apps into a single catalogue. The company also wanted to build a branded self-service app store so employees could subscribe to applications across devices with automated or manual provisioning.

Anunta deployed and managed an Identity Management solution using VMware’s vCloud Air and vCloud Suite for the customer’s advanced data centers, enabling end-users to improve productivity by accessing the self-service app store.

Post deployment of the Identity Management solution:
  • The company experienced improved end-user satisfaction and productivity due to integration of in-house applications, SSO and AirWatch for all their end-points.
  • The company achieved application delivery across hosted desktops with unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, speed and scale – all at a lower cost.

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