Anunta | All Time Data & App Access with Multi-layered Mobile Strategy


As the demand for anytime, anywhere access to both business critical applications and device agnostic work flexibility grows, you need a partner that can conceptualize and implement a multi-layered mobility strategy for your business that ensures enterprise data security and privacy measures without impacting access and end-user experience.

Our expertise and experience in implementing and managing Mobility solutions provided by major technology OEMs such as Citrix XenMobile and VMware AirWatch enables you to facilitate anytime, anywhere, any device access to your workforce.

Mobility solutions are ideal when:

  • You wish to secure enterprise data against malicious cyber-attacks and malware vulnerabilities over networks.
  • You need a scalable infrastructure to keep up with multiple devices and compliances.
  • You want to seamlessly integrate existing backend systems.

Mobility deployments:

  • Support the complete application lifecycle from development to deployment.
  • Increase productivity of the mobile workforce by providing uninterrupted secured access to business applications and data.

Anunta’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions help client integrate mobile devices into their security frameworks, systems and IT life cycles. While this enables users to access all of their applications from a unified enterprise application store, it also allows IT to easily configure, secure and support mobile devices.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

We understand that businesses have wide ranging mobility needs around data security, end-user privacy, application compliances and regulatory mandates. Our mobility services include implementation and management of industry leading technological platforms like VMware AirWatch and Citrix XenMobile to deliver solutions that are designed specifically for end-users and enterprise needs.
Vendors: Citrix XenMobile, VMware AirWatch

Enterprise Device Management (EDM)

With EDM you can configure operating systems, provision and de-provision applications, manage and secure devices remotely, and perform inventory management, without compromising the end-user experience.

Enterprise Application Management (EAM)

EAM enables you to apply management and policy control for individual applications delivered through enterprise app stores managed locally on devices or via EMM console. This ensures the right applications are delivered to the right people through a granular application distribution system. EAM eliminates end-user privacy challenges and provides IT full control over mobile devices. Anunta’s EAM solutions also allow integration with third party applications to provide enhanced level of manageability.

Customer Impact:

A top Bank wanted to provide its 80,000+ end-users with secured access to data & business applications anytime, anywhere over any device. Anunta deployed an on-premise Citrix XenMobile solution integrated with NetScaler to manage mobile apps, data, mobile devices while adhering to security & compliance guidelines to provide end-users with seamless connectivity and access.

Post deployment of the Mobility solution:
  • The Bank experienced improved productivity as its end-users were able to access their corporate applications & data securely over any device with single click access from a unified Corporate App Store.
  • The Bank enjoyed additional capabilities like rapid over-the-air provisioning, self-service enrollment, self-service support portal. This enabled end-users to self-enroll resulting in improved end-user experience.

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