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Workspaces are digital platforms that deliver and manage secured access to applications, desktops and data from anywhere by integrating access control, application and multi-platform endpoint management.

Anunta’s deep understanding of workspace products from leading OEMs such as Workspace One from VMware and Workspace from Citrix, has enabled it to gain significant experience in implementing and managing workspace solutions across multiple clients.

Workspaces are ideal when:

  • You want to simplify provisioning of virtual, cloud-based desktop operating systems for your end-users.
  • You need to provide end-users with anywhere, anytime, any device access to data and applications.
  • You wish to deploy high-quality cloud desktops for any number of users with a few simple clicks.
  • You want to pay as you go, and only for launched workspaces.

Workspace deployments:

  • Simplify secured application access and management.
  • Enable unified endpoint management and maintain complete employee data privacy.
  • Simplify onboarding of latest desktop operating system onboarding.

Customer Impact:

A major insurance company was looking for a technology partner who could provide secure access to its 120,000+ end-users to core applications on any device (iPAD, Tab, Chrome Book, Mobile devices, Laptop, etc.), regardless of the ownership model – bring your own (BYO) to fully managed. Additionally, it also wanted to enable application provisioning, self-service catalog, conditional access controls and Single Sign-On (SSO) for SaaS, web, cloud and native mobile apps.

With its deep understanding of the entire VMware products suite, Anunta implemented, integrated and managed the VMware Workspace One platform with VMware AirWatch infrastructure to deliver the desired applications to any device across the organization.

Post deployment of the Workspace solution:
  • The company experienced improved end-user satisfaction and productivity due to integration of in-house applications, SSO and AirWatch for all their end-points.
  • The company achieved application delivery across hosted desktops with unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, speed and scale – all at a lower cost.

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