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Managed DaaS

Industry Recognized Managed DaaS (Desktop as a Service) solution for your business, across any cloud and virtualization technology

The traditional client-server architecture of application delivery is now quickly being replaced by cloud hosted desktops delivered in a model called “Desktop as a Service” (DaaS). DaaS provide ease of use and convenience to end-users, while ensuring data and applications are fully secured and significantly lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Typical DaaS solution provides you with the hardware infrastructure and software with basic support but leaves the enterprise’s IT teams to deal with setting up and managing the virtual desktops. This includes provisioning, configuration, integration, migration, and management which require specialized expertise often not available in-house. Anunta’s Managed DaaS provides end to end delivery of the desktops on the cloud with comprehensive 24X7 support and takes away all the pain of managing the new environment.

Managed Desktop as a Service Offers

Anunta’s Managed DaaS provide customers with desktop provisioning, implementation and management across any cloud (public, private or hybrid) environment and virtualization technologies. The solution is customized for your business need and virtualization technology in use or planned for implementation by your organization.

Managed Windows Virtual Desktop
Anunta’s Managed Windows Virtual Desktop maximizes the multi-user Windows 10 experience for your business.
Managed Horizon Desktop
Anunta’s Managed Horizon Desktop provides enables you to deliver virtual desktops across any Horizon platform and VMware cloud on AWS.
Managed Citrix Desktop
Anunta’s Managed Citrix Desktop provides provisioning, implementation, and management of Citrix virtual apps and desktops.

How Managed DaaS adds value to your business

Fully Managed Desktop on Cloud : Anunta offers you a fully managed desktop solution that takes away the pain of design, implementation and management of virtual desktops, while delivering to you a fully secure functional desktop on any cloud of your choice and leading to a reduced TCO.
Pay as you Go Model : The Managed DaaS is available at a consumption based pricing model, that means you pay only for the resources you use and save significantly on hardware refresh.
Superior End-User Experience : Anunta’s state of the art application delivery model eliminates brownouts and downtimes ensuring application availability of 99.98%. The industry lowest incident to user ratio of less than 0.3 ensures uninterrupted system time for end-users, resulting in improved end-user satisfaction and productivity.
Highly Secure Desktop : The Managed DaaS Solutions is compliant to all security and regulatory standards and offers an enterprise grade security, wherein all your data and applications are fully secured on cloud.
Anytime, Anywhere Availability : The Managed cloud hosted desktop solution provides accessibility to applications and data at any time at the convenience of the user and even at remote locations, without compromising on stability and security of the desktop environment.
On-demand virtual desktops : Anunta’s Managed DaaS offers quick ramp-up of new users irrespective of their location and as per your business needs. You can add new users and resources quickly to keep the business running.
24×7 Helpdesk and Support : The fully Managed DaaS offers comprehensive Helpdesk that is available 24×7 and Single point of accountability for all end-user performance issues.

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