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Network Virtualization

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The demand for any time, anywhere, and any device availability of data and applications has affected all aspects of the network and has significantly contributed to network complexity. This necessitates the need for network professionals to manage the numerous ways in which virtualization affects the network, including I/O bottlenecks, bandwidth capacity problems, and how virtual switches work in conjunction with the physical network.

Anunta’s in-depth knowledge of network virtualization solutions from leading OEMs such as VMware’s NSX and Citrix’s NetScalar has been instrumental in seamless implementations across many customers.

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What is Network Virtualization?

Network Virtualization separates the traditional method of delivering networking and services via hardware into a logical virtual network that runs independently on top of a physical network in a hypervisor. Beyond switching and routing, Network Virtualization typically incorporates virtualized services including fire walling and server load-balancing.

Network Virtualization provisions the network, on-demand, without having to physically touch the underlying infrastructure, simplifying roll out, scaling and adjusting of workloads and resources to meet evolving computing needs.

Network Virtualization is ideal when:

  • You want to reduce the time it takes to provision and configure a network and incur minimum possible downtime in the process.
  • You want to apply security services to every data packet in the data center.
  • You want to move to public clouds with multiple clouds for High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

Network Virtualization deployment:

  • Operate independently of their underlying IP network hardware.
  • Provide enhanced security.

The solutions we offer include desktop provisioning, implementation, and management across any cloud environment: public, private or hybrid. We also offer customisation for any virtualization technology currently used, or planning to be used in then near future.

How Anunta's Network Virtualization package benefits your organization

Single point of contact for all WAN Services, hassle-free coordination with multiple service/link providers.

Regular WAN Capacity Management and recommended bandwidth optimization for optimum utilization.

Regular Analysis of RISK over WAN connectivity and recommendations for RISK mitigation.

Improved link efficiency by way of traffic re-engineering.

Eliminate operational overhead of WAN link management.



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