Anunta assists India’s leading private sector bank to scale user adoption of desktop virtualization solutions across a variety of unique use cases.


Established in 1985, as a part of one of India’s leading financial services conglomerates, the bank received its banking license from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in February 2003, becoming the first non-banking finance company in India to convert into a bank. Moving ahead, it acquired another significant bank in April 2015. As on September 30, 2018, the bank has a national footprint of 1,425 branches and 2,236 ATMs. It has four Strategic Business Units – Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking and Treasury, which cater to retail and corporate customers across urban and rural India.


Having successfully implemented desktop virtualization solution with Anunta’s assistance for a small user group, the bank wanted to deploy desktop virtualization solution across core banking functions and branches while implementing it across multiple use cases. The success of PoC encouraged the bank to adopt virtualization organization-wide to make IT operations more efficient and compliant to banking industry regulations thereby enabling anytime, anywhere, any device banking.


While typical VDI implementation for back-office and support functions have been successful in the banking industry, virtualization with personalized application delivery architecture for multiple user-groups such as – remote branches, treasury, and loan processing was unusual and had not been tried successfully in the banking industry. End-user groups identified across the bank had unique application usage patterns and providing uninterrupted application access to each group was a daunting task.


Post onboarding 300+ users across user groups during the PoC stage, Anunta defined a scope for full adoption plan to onboard new users across the organization, which included multiple use-cases and across geographically spread branch locations. This transition of new use cases to the virtualized environment was delivered in phases depending on customer’s need as captured in the defined scope of engagement. Anunta quickly identified the complexity associated in ensuring critical applications availability for each user groups across branch locations and corporate office to design a personalized application architecture compliant to the banking industry.

Starting with 700+ users initially across varied use-cases within 10 months, post PoC, Anunta assisted the bank by enabling new users in the Treasury function that needed access to critical applications, Contact Center that managed transactional queries of customers and IT users responsible for new software development and automation implementation. In the next 9 months another set of over 1800 users were added from across,

  1. Treasury, where users were segmented depending on their requirement to access mail facility
  2. Branch locations, where users were segmented based on their need to access critical, non-critical and all applications

The bank also onboarded additional 1,500 users to the virtualized environment (total number of users – 4,500+) through Anunta’s assistance, acquired inorganically by acquisition of India operations of a multinational bank. These newly acquired bank users required access to critical and highly secure banking applications across branches, contact centers, treasury, loan processing and support functions. Specific to user application requirements, users were categorized across – branch locations, user requiring access to specific applications (such as, Arcos, Corenx, service desk and banking applications), IT admin users, contact centers, service desk and Access Net users.

Anunta’s years of expertise in designing complex virtualization solution that involves multiple use-cases enabled the bank to scale user adoption of virtual desktops.

Benefits Realized:

  • Improved End-User Experience: Anunta’s managed services helped to reduce the bank’s incident-to-user ratio by 80%. The smart monitoring system proactively identified over 90% issues and resolved them, resulting in over 54% reduction in the average mean-time to response (MTTR).
  • Enhanced Application Availability:Anunta’s intelligent system design enabled the bank to provide its end-users with over 99.97% application availability.
  • Improved Bandwidth Utilization: End-users from remote branches with poor bandwidth were able to successfully access core banking system thereby improving their productivity and end-user satisfaction. Implementation of an efficient network design enabled contact center users to access centralized HSD profiles and answer voice calls from the same terminals.
  • Simplified Management: Simplified provisioning enabled integration of the bank’s Treasury function with that of an acquired bank seamlessly within 24 hours.
  • Significant Cost Reduction: The overall Software deployment time was significantly improved, reducing over 90% of physical effort. Additionally, power consumption reduced by 85% as compared to the conventional desktop setups.

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