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Incident & Problem Management

Customers might need immediate access to technical expertise to handle issues related to virtualized environments, especially when they do not have manpower skilled in virtualization and cloud technologies. A rigorous Incident & Problem Management process is imperative to ensure that recurring issues are identified and resolved and provide end-users with a stable environment leading to improved end-user experience and performance.

Anunta’s cloud experts handle all critical support requirements round the clock through its Incident & Problem Management service. This include diagnosis, isolation, recovery, and concludes with a full Root Cause Analysis (RCA) report. Anunta owns the incident completely and co-ordinates with all relevant teams for effective and quick resolution.


Resolutions to User Incidents & Requests
A skilled 24×7 manned experienced team of virtualization experts provides timely resolutions to user incidents & requests.
Expertized Incident Management Across Multiple Domains
A special Major Incident Management team comprising of experts across multiple domains (VMware, Citrix, Network, WAN, WinTel, Storage, etc.) assists with quicker isolation and interim or permanent resolutions.
Virtualization Problem Management by Experts
All major incidents or recurring incidents are promoted to Problem Management for a permanent solution, where they are attended to by subject matter experts from multiple domains, not restricted to virtualization alone.

Customer Impact:

A renowned US healthcare player was trying to adopt cloud infrastructure to support its mobile workforce. During pilot testing, the company was troubled with application issues, end-user related performance issues, profile management and integration issues.

Anunta provided incident management service to the company, resolved teething issues and rolled out cloud desktops post thorough user acceptance testing. This has enabled the company to increase its number of concurrent users on the cloud steadily, all of who can now access applications and data on the go.

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