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Integrated Package

With deep domain expertise of virtualization technologies, and a track record of managing large-scale cloud transformations, Anunta also provides end-to-end fully managed services comprising Smart Monitoring, Service Desk, Incident & Problem Management, and Change & Patch Management, as one comprehensive service bundle.

Anunta takes end-to-end ownership of all incidents and IT requests all the way to resolution, delivering the benefits of Smart Monitoring, Service Desk, Incident & Problem Management, and Change & Patch Management, to improve end-user satisfaction and productivity.

Customer Impact:

One of the top Insurance companies wanted to completely transform its EUC environment because of poor end-user experience due to unpredictable downtimes as a result of non-standard policies and lack of centralized control. Anunta not only provided a new virtualized environment, but also provided its comprehensive fully managed services for 5,000+ users spread across 200+ branches in 100+ cities, this resulting in the following benefits:

Improved end-user experiences as a result of proactive monitoring, enabling admins to identify impending resource and capacity issues and resolving them even before the end-users were even aware of it.
Reduced Incident-to-User ratio down from above 0.8 – 1.2 to below 0.3.
Increased FCR and faster resolution of complex incidents as a result of complete ownership taken by cross-functional teams.
Improved compliance due to effective patch management, ensuring that the latest upgrades and patches are installed and running.
Effective control processes being implemented for change management, to ensure that changes originating from incident, problem or capacity management are duly approved through CAB and implemented post successful UAT.
Reduced downtime, improved end-user productivity, and satisfaction leading to improved CSAT scores (above 90%) according to latest surveys.

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