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Anunta, a leading provider of virtualization technologies, uses state-of- the-art industry standard as well as proprietary tools and procedures to provide safe and secure cloud (on-prem/public/hybrid) migration services.

Migrating from one environment to another is often a source of great concern and anxiety to enterprises IT managers and sometimes can even delay/ prevent moving to a better solution. Anunta has wide experience in migrating end-users from different environments, from legacy client server architectures to private/ public clouds or from one cloud to another.

Based on a detailed infrastructure assessment, Anunta’s team of experts creates a Migration Blueprint including vendors, architecture, configurations, security measures and estimated costs. The Migration Blueprint ensures data is securely extracted from user desktops and/or file servers and transferred to the data center, tested and made available to users in a virtual environment. It also covers training needs pre/post cloud deployment, detailed workload monitoring and management, as well as roll-back and contingency plans.

Anunta uses state-of- the-art industry standard tools as well as proprietary tools and procedures to ensure safe and secure migration. We cover migrations from:

  • Physical to Cloud Desktop platform.
  • On-premise Virtual infrastructure to Cloud infrastructure.
  • Hybrid orchestrations to address Disaster Recovery and business continuity plans.
  • On-Premise Application virtualization platform to Cloud environments such as Citrix Xen App, VMware Horizon, and Microsoft Shared Desktop.

The Migration implementation is tested at different stages, and subjected to a pre-defined and agreed User Acceptance Testing (UAT). On successful UAT completion, the transition plan is initiated. The project is signed-off once all Desktops and Applications are successfully migrated to the Cloud.


Expertized Migration Services
Using our expertise in Migration Services to ensure successful technology adoption, we de-risk the process for the clients, and in turn avoid disruption of services at the end-user level.
Faster Cloud Deployment
We enable faster cloud deployment, without affecting availability for the business and end-users.
Fast Roll-outs of New Applications
Enable fast and controlled roll-outs of new applications.

Customer Impact:

A major Bank wanted to migrate new users as a result of an acquisition to a new virtual infrastructure, and contracted Anunta to facilitate this complex migration to avoid performance and stability issues. Anunta devised a parallel infrastructure that was built with adherence to all best practices and successfully migrated 6000+ users to the new environment without any performance impact. This enabled the bank to create a framework with which they can facilitate rapid deployment during future acquisitions.

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