Remote working technologies are one of the many things that gained popularity during the coronavirus pandemic but have remained popular even after the pandemic has passed. During this spell, the business world, particularly the IT sector, invested in and experimented with various novel technology solutions to keep the business running. One example of such a
Virtualization technology came into being about two decades ago. However, with numerous IT advances in the tech realm, the desktop virtualization journey only got better. Besides, the dramatic changes in work cultures, accentuated by the global health event, have pointed to more obvious cloud-based solutions: Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and Remote Desktop Service (RDS). These
Managing your end-user devices wasn’t a core IT task until a few years ago. With anywhere, anytime working becoming the norm on a global scale, end-user device management has become a pressing IT challenge. IT teams now deal with the necessity of a seamless means of ensuring that remote and hybrid employees have uninterrupted access
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI is a form of desktop virtualization in which desktop environments are hosted on a central server. This technology allows for several desktop images to run within a virtual machine. The images are then delivered to the end-user via a network. The endpoints could be devices like PCs, tablets, smartphones, or


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